Coco Chanel died in January 1971 at the age of 88.Karl Lagerfeld, the principal

Brand style


Coco Chanel died in January 1971 at the age of 88.Karl Lagerfeld, the principal designer at Chanel, took the helm in 1986 with a new twist on the delicate, luxurious and timeless Chanel spirit.
The designer, who has Swedish and German roots and always wears big black sunglasses, is best known for his flair and deviant blood, just like Coco Chanel.He shocked the fashion world by cutting out the dresses in the first season of his first season, matching the flamboyant fake jewelry, and pushing Chanel to another peak within 20 years.
“Chanel represents is a kind of style, a unique style of enduring”, ms Chanel so described his own design, not thinking about what to do next, but ask yourself the following to perform, in what way is so encouraging will never stop.The enthusiastic and confident Chanel has integrated this spirit into her every design, making Chanel a very personal brand.
Chanel’s design has a distinctive personal color, she pursues freedom but sentimentally attached to the man;She is strong and independent but very feminine.Her home town, Auvergne, in central France, is a poor area filled with extinct volcanoes, and at the age of 70 she described herself as “the only active volcano in Auvergne.”Today, Chanel is still an active volcano that will never be extinct in the fashion world.
Brand connotation
Chanel brand takes the high-end route, fashion simple, simple and comfortable, pure style, graceful and graceful, young and beautiful.”Popularity is fleeting, style is forever”, still is the guiding force behind the brand;”Luxuriant and not the opposite of poverty, but the vulgar”, ms Chanel dominated the Chanel brand is the most special of practical luxuriant, she take inspiration from around his life, especially in love, not like other designers, asking others to cooperate with their design, Chanel brand provides the liberating freedom and choice, the trend of garment design from the view of a male beauty of female autonomy stage into a performance, to the needs of women’s nature into the connotation of the brand Chanel.