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We're happy to share what we do but you need to know that what works for one couple might not be the right tactic for another.

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The coolness of the balls from the Jacob's Ladder sent a little shiver from my leg all the way up my spine.

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The sound of him zipping up his pants reminded me we had plans, but he didn't have me get up.

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I've tried to save more since then.

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Our eyes locked, and I felt my breath catch in my throat.

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An apology and money from the guy who had never given me the time of day despite all of the times we'd been in the same room.

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Does he love you like I love you?" Every bit of my resolve shattered at that look.

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Do you know how hard it's been trying not to spill my secret?" My eyes swung up to his again, my hands hovering between Adult spanking my wife lap and my face, unsure what I should do with them.

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It was a struggle to keep from shouting.

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I didn't sleep well that night due to the usual, boisterous theatrics of the oblivious couple in the next room.

"Holly?" He squatted in front of me, pressing the back one hand to my cheeks before gently taking my hands in his, lightly rubbing back and forth.

"I received a letter last week.

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